Saturday, January 23, 2010

San Francisco Bay Area Genealogy Calendar

I’m often asked if I know about a genealogy event or meeting that is happening in the Bay Area.  Or, people send me suggestions to post this information on the MCGS website.  Much of the information is on our website but it is usually in the form of a link to the genealogy association or group that is hosting.
Now there is an even easier way to keep up with Bay Area genealogy events and you can have it posted automatically on your home web page or sent to you via an RSS feed in your e-mail software program.
Kathryn Doyle, California Genealogical Society, has started a great new service for Bay Area genealogy fans and researchers.
Volunteers from several Bay Area genealogy associations and groups send in their upcoming events, meetings and presentations and they are posted on the new blog.  MCGS events, meetings and presentations are included in this new blog.
Check it out.  Go the San Francisco Bay Area Genealogy Calendar blog and subscribe to the feed.
Or, just visit the blog often to keep up with genealogy events in the Bay Area.
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