Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Announcing the New MCGS Website

It's here!  The new MCGS website is now open!

The new MCGS website is full of features including:

  1. A public calendar
  2. An events section
  3. A services and resource section
  4. A newsletters section
  5. A public blog
  6. A public discussion forum
  7. A Member’s only section that features a Member's Directory and a Premium Content section.

The Member’s only section provides privacy for Member’s personal information and provides benefits and value just for our Members such as downloadable KIN Tracers, and other premium content.

If you are a MCGS 2010 Member, all your information is there waiting for you to login and start using the site.

Messages have been sent to MCGS 2010 Members announcing our new website and how to login and update their Member profile.

If you want more information, or if you’re a MCGS 2010 Member or a MCGS Member who has not renewed your membership for 2010 and want more information, contact Gene Pennington.

New MCGS Website

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