Monday, April 5, 2010

Kin Tracer Spring 2010 Now Available

The Spring issue of the 2010 Kin Tracer is uploaded to our new MCGS Website and ready for you to read in the members-only section.

Our Kin Tracer Editor, Cathy Gowdy, says in posting on our mail list, “I hope you will enjoy color photos of the children who were winners in our recent 'family history' contest, something we weren't able to do in the past because I have a B/W printer at home.”

Cathy notes “There is a goof-up on page 40 which I hope you will forgive – an “n” became a 14, but I'm not about to make Gene correct it at this point in the game.

She adds, “This is turning out to be harder than we thought, especially since I have no knowledge of websites. All I do is use them!”

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