Friday, July 27, 2012

Parents & Grandparents Finally Located in 1940 US Census!

I finally found my Dad and his parents and siblings in the 1940 US Census! Took forever! Later I found my Mother and her parents and some of her siblings in the 1940 US Census! Yea!

Both in Arkansas but in different Counties. I told my Dad what the Census records had recorded and he disputed much of the information. He was listed as 18 years old (which was correct) but some of the other data he claims is wrong. He said he lived in Lucas, Logan Co., AR but the Census data show them living in Tomlinson, Logan Co., AR.

Thank goodness the indexing was finally working. I had searched for Omer Cyril Pennington (my grandfather) but the Census had him as Cyril Pennington. "Just shows to go you" as my Granddad used to say! (-:

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