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RootsTech 2013–My Notes Part II

RootsTech 2013 (1)
The following are my notes from the RootsTech 2013 Conference held in Salt Lake City, Utah from 3/21/13 – 3/23/13.
For more information and other perspectives, I suggest the reader check out the following websites and blogs.
· Official RootsTech 2013 website: –There are many resources on this website including video streaming of many of the keynote speeches and presentations.
· Thomas MacEntee at
· Randy Seaver at Genea-Musings:
Session Syllabi available at:
I will publish three (3) postings covering my experiences at RootsTech 2013.
This is my second posting.
Day Two - Friday, 3/22/13
Keynote Speakers
1st Speaker: Jyl Pattee, founder of Mom It Forward Media ( . Main points:
· Create those WOW moments now! Her receipt is to create, capture, archive and to share the WOW moments.
· Hand postcard recipe as example of one of her WOW moments. It was for banana Cookies from her Mom’s recipe book.
· Showed a video of a WOW moment with her sisters in their Mom’s kitchen making the banana cookies. Mom had passed away recently.
2nd Speaker: Tim Sullivan, President and CEO of Main points:
o Can’t we all just get along? Beginners, all the way to experts? He says “Yes”!
o Adds, “It’s worth it”!
Presentation: Social Media Part 1 – Tauni Everett, Stephanie Hansen and Emily Hill
Main Points:
Facebook: Private vs. public – important to understand privacy settings and use them accordingly to protect your privacy, or to “let the whole world get to know everything about you”.
Twitter: Use the privacy settings! Can put photos with tweet.
Instagram: Use the privacy settings. Can share photos from Instagram to Facebook and Twitter.
Google +: Use the privacy settings! Circles, communities – get to know what these are and how to use them to share your genealogical research and other information. Can link from blogs to Google +.
Handouts available - See Session Syllabi for session information and for handout information
Presentation: Social Media Part 2 – Tauni Everett, Stephanie Hansen and Emily Hill
Main points:
· There are many apps to use to access and post messages to Facebook and to Twitter. You can also have multiple accounts in Facebook and Twitter and access all of them using these other apps.
o TweetDeck
o TweetCaster
o Hootsuite
· You can use and to turn your Instagram pictures into memory books.
· On Facebook, use Groups and Pages for communicating/sharing for your genealogy research/associations/locations or high school/college reunions.
o Use the Event and calendar and list features to help.
o When you create a Group page or special Page on Facebook, you decide if it will be public, or closed.
Handouts available - See Session Syllabi for session information and for handout information
Presentation: Google Search… And Beyond – Dave Barney and Robert Garner - Main Points:
· Google Newspapers for genealogy research at
o List of newspapers
· You can search newspaper archives Google has at this time
· Suggested it may start project again
· New app – Google Keep – Free. It’s a website and an app for Android phone; the two are automatically synchronized.
· Image search – look at optimize bar, then “Search Tools” and “Search Filters”
· Can add as an extension to Chrome – puts a camera icon on bar. Allows you to upload an image or link.
· Google will try to find similar images to the image you uploaded – works on people and buildings – use for older genealogy images
· Maps – street view. Use it to find a cemetery or other public buildings or locations in a community. You can actually see what the location looks like from above or at street level. Great use for genealogy research and/or family history.
· Google screen capture – An extension for Chrome.
· Google has cemetery data for all US locations.
o Use the “near” for all cemeteries near a city, town, and location.
o Works for churches and similar buildings.
· Google translate – paste text into box and it will translate from one language to another that you select. You can also paste the entire website URL and it will translate the entire web page.
Handouts available - See Session Syllabi for session information and for handout information
Presentation: Do Your E-Book Right: Self-Publishing Secrets for the Family Historian – Lisa A. Alzo – Main points:
· Remember to do a draft of work before you get to any type of publication end product.
· Kindle has about 50% of the e-book market
· Steps to publish and e-book:
o Research
o Planning
o Writing
o Editing
o Layout
o Publishing
o Selling/Sharing
· Be sure to proof read your material BEFORE you go to publish.
o Suggest you use another person/company to proof read your material
· Tip – Know your audience!
· A book with lots of images needs a specific format and will probably cost more to publish.
· A book with color needs a specific format and will probably cost more to publish.
· Distribution
o Single – one format only – she suggests you do not use this if you plan to sell or share your book to many people.
o Multi-channel distribution – Act as middlemen – push book to multi retailers and distributors – usually offer conversion services from your selected format to other formats.
o Example companies are Smashwords and Bookbaby
§ Smashwords does not do Kindle format books
· Formats
o e-pub – global standard for e-books
§ Can’t create e-pub format from MS Word
o Mobipocket (.mobi or .prd)
§ Amazon Kindle
§ Free mobipocket creator
· Can import Word documents
o iBooks – Restricts sale to other publishers – only to iBooks via iTunes
§ Most common format for e-books
§ Difficult to convert to standard e-pub format
§ Doesn’t display well on gray scale reading devices
· – Buy your own ISBN
o will give you one as part of their service
· Platform
o Create Space –
o Kindle publishing
o iBooks (Apple)
· Tip: Judy’s Copyright blog for great resources and information on copyright
· Management and Conversion
o Calibre –
o Sigil
Handouts available at - Look in the upper right corner for box titled “Conference Handouts”. Also, see Session Syllabi for session information and for handout information
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