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RootsTech 2013–My Notes Part I

The following are my notes from the RootsTech 2013 Conference held in Salt Lake City, Utah from 3/21/13 – 3/23/13.
For more information and other perspectives, I suggest the reader check out the following websites and blogs.
· Official RootsTech 2013 website: –There are many resources on this website including video streaming of many of the keynote speeches and presentations.
· Thomas MacEntee at
· Randy Seaver at Genea-Musings:

Session Syllabi available at:

I will publish three (3) postings covering my experiences at RootsTech 2013.
This is the first posting.
Day One - Thursday, 3/21/13
Keynote speakers
Shipley Munson, FamilySearch. Says there are over 6700 registered attendees at this year’s RootsTech Conference. It is now the largest family history gathering in US.
1st Speaker:  Dennis Brimhall - President & CEO of FamilySearch International. Main point: Use technology to turn hearts and connecting with family.
· Stories are what family history is all about
· Genealogy association/groups must invite others in to grow.
· Get youth involved with your own family history and with your genealogy association/groups.
· Goal:  What would our great grandchildren wish we had recorded?
· 2013 RootsTech will be held in 14 countries.
· In 2014 it will be in 106 locations worldwide.
2nd Speaker: Syd Lieberman – Nationally acclaimed storyteller, author, and an award-winning teacher. Main point:
· Make your own story from the little experiences in your life and that of your family.
3rd Speaker: Josh Taylor – Creator of A featured genealogist on NBC’s Who Do You Think You Are? Is President of Federation of Genealogical Societies (FGS). Main points:
· Look forward
· Global thinking
· Ability to understand and to digitize other languages due to immigrations from other countries.
· Said we should use “MindTap” - - for educating people. It is a personalized learning experience available to teachers and students.
Presentation: 50 Google Searches Every Genealogist Needs to Know – Barry J. Ewell founder of and College Professor. Main points:
· When searching, put your query into the form of a question asking who, what, when, where and how. Then look for the key words in the question and use them to form your query search. Had many examples of using “+” “-“ “and” “or” and “:” in search query. See his handout for more examples.
· Start with a broad search and then narrow search by removing some of the key words and/or operators.
Handouts available by sending an e-mail to Barry J. Ewell {} with RootsTech 2013 in the subject line. As soon as I have my set, I’ll make them available on our website.
Presentation: Organizing and Presenting your Photos: Picasa and Other Freeware – Donald R. Snow – Google. Main points:
· Picasa is free and has many features of value to genealogists. Available at – Go to More > Even More > (Scroll down) Picasa
· Features such as:
o Easy method to organize your pictures
o Face recognition technology
o People albums
Handouts available – See Session Syllabi for download information
Presentation: Transform Your Note-taking and Remember Everything With Evernote – Tonia Kendrick
Main points:
· Install on desktop as well as mobile apps for iPhone, iPad and android devices. All can access and share all type of data.
· Can record notes/photos/videos and website URLs and pages on the go
· Has built in OCR technology
· Available then to share across any platform
· Add on or extensions are available for IE, Chrome and Firefox.
· Free but premium is available for larger storage plans as well as multiple accounts
Handouts available – See Session Syllabi for download information
Presentation: Introduction to Genetic Genealogy at Family Tree DNA – Elise Friedman
No significant points. Just demo of what services Family Tree DNA offers and how the website works and what your results can tell you about your genetic genealogy.
Handouts available – and look for IGG-handout.pdf. – Also, see Session Syllabi for session information and for handout information
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