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The Marin Journal November 3, 1881

The following is abstracted from the Marin Journal.  The Marin County Genealogical Society has published a series of books with abstracts from the paper from 1861 through 1890.  Each book has a full name index.  If you are interested in researching your ancestors in these publications, please contact Cathy Gowdy (cylgowdy at aol dot com).  

November 3, 1881

San Rafael Collegiate School Prizes – Ada B. Berry, Principal

Ladylike Department – Miss Fannie W. Orr, Miss Ella Seibel
Master of Manners – Charles H. Barry (by vote of companions and other pupils)
Excellence in Studies – Miss Ella Seibel, Miss Sophie L. Phillips, Miss Gracie Martin, Master Willie Phillips
Best Child in School – Miss Carrie Phillips
Distinguished – Mabel Burgess and Lilian Burgess
Application – Miss Mary Seibel
Elocution and Voice Culture – Master Lonie Carrigan
Calisthenics – Master Harry Crowley
Greatest Improvement in Penmanship and Drawing – Miss Ella Seibel, Miss Sophie Phillips, Miss Fannie Orr, Miss Mary Seibel
Pupils entered to late to compete for prizes – Miss Sadie Orr, Miss Daisy Requel, Miss Bernice Holmes, Master Cleve Carpenter, Master Herbert Martin

Pupil Absent on account of illness – Miss Alice B. Ames

Source: Schwab, Carolyn, compiler. Newspaper Extracts From The Marin Journal, San Rafael, Marin County, California, January 6, 1881 to December 25, 1884. Marin County Genealogical Society. Bowie, Maryland: Heritage Books, 2003.
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