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The Marin Journal April 5, 1883

The following is abstracted from the Marin Journal.  The Marin County Genealogical Society has published a series of books with abstracts from the paper from 1861 through 1890.  Each book has a full name index.  If you are interested in researching your ancestors in these publications, please contact Cathy Gowdy (cylgowdy at aol dot com). 

April 5, 1883

Local Intelligence

Wife and Baby Ran Away

About nine weeks ago, F.A. Benjamin, a house painter, came to San Rafael with his wife and child, a babe of 18 months.  They took board at the Pioneer House, kept by George H. Marchant.  The husband obtained work, and had had steady employment here.  Last Saturday, when he went to dinner, he noticed that his wife had a little extra color, and had lost her appetite, and, as he expresses it, "that she appeared to be guilty of something."  He ate his dinner, and went back to work, and shortly after the Deputy Marshall went and told him that his wife and baby were going away with a stranger.  He jumped into the buggy and drove to the hotel.  He found the whole party at the head of the stairs, Mrs. Benjamin, her "friend", whose name is Springer, the young Benjamin, and baggage.

"Well," said the husband, "what does this mean?"

"Oh," replied Mrs. Benjamin, "You know I always told you that I had a friend, who would take better care of me than you do, that I could go to any time, and now he has come for me, and I am going with him!"

Springer, the wife's "friend", then made a little speech in which he intimated that in case of any interruption to his journey with the mother and babe he would have the husband arrested and securely locked up in the penitentiary, a proceeding which he said would take place as soon as he chose to open his mouth.  

At this juncture the landlord appeared on the scene, and demanded $5, the amount of the woman's board bill.  This was promptly paid by Springer, who then, with Mrs. Benjamin and daughter and trunk, left the house and took the train for San Francisco, while the deserted husband and father went back to his work.

Mrs. Benjamin is a daughter of S.F. Smith, of Chico, a leading man in the employ of Gen. Bidwell, who will be wild with sorrow and anger when he hears of her folly.  Mr. Benjamin and Miss Smith were married seven years ago in Iowa.  The wife has left him five times before, but always going back to her father.  The deserted husband went to the city Tuesday, where he expected his father-in-law to meet him, and help to intercept the truant family, who, it was expected, were bound to Oregon.

Source: Schwab, Carolyn, compiler. Newspaper Extracts From The Marin Journal, San Rafael, Marin County, California, January 6, 1881 to December 25, 1884. Marin County Genealogical Society. Bowie, Maryland: Heritage Books, 2003.
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